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twalsh821 10-31-2012 01:17 PM

2007 Caliber No-Start
Ok, I've gotten tons of answers lurking on this site in the past but finally need to seek help actively.

I have a 2007 Caliber, SE, 2.0 L

I have a no-start scenario that has evolved a bit over the last 24 hours.

Last night:
  • car would crank and then stall/die after about 3 seconds of running
  • slight smell of oil the first time and the oil light comes on
  • After 3 occurrences of this, the car stopped turning over at all, at this point the CEL light came on for the first time in forever. also electrical light comes on, no more oil light

This morning:
  • Get a read on CEL: P0522. Oil Pressure sensor it says.
  • I check oil and I'm just a millimeter below the "safe" zone, assume i have a leak and here is a few drips below. full disclosure I'm about 800 miles over due oil change.
  • Put more oil in, now in the "safe" zone, still no start
  • Next time i tried, car won't even turn over, classic low battery symptoms.
  • Bring around another car for a jump, get the car back into its attempts to start.
  • Disconnect jumping car and back to low battery like conditions: clicking, no turn over, all the lights and wipers go crazy when trying to start car.

So that's where I am now, a few other tidbits
  • Battery is ~2 years old
  • New Alternator, about 9 months old
  • I did need a jump about 4 days ago, wife left AC on while engine was off..

So my questions are:
  • Is my problem the Oil Pressure Sensor like the OBD indicates?
  • Is it worth trying to replace the battery

UN4GTBL 10-31-2012 02:14 PM

Have you been able to rule out a problem with the key?

twalsh821 10-31-2012 03:10 PM

Given variety of starting experiences in the last 24 hours, I thought it was very unlikely it would be a key issue. If it was the key I figured it would suddenly stop starting, not start/stall, struggle to start and then not respond at all each time I tried...

Albertto 11-02-2012 10:40 PM

Looking as if there is something wrong with the battery rather than oil. But, what about the radiator and coolant level ?

CNYguy 03-29-2019 08:41 PM

Still out there ?
I am having this exact issue. The issues stated in the main post from user @twalsh821 .
Is there any chance that you're still notified via this reply and that you remember what happened and how you fixed the problem(s) ?!

I'll be pulling the bumper/wheels off would be stellar if you're out there and able to give me the insight I need.

- To clarify;
  1. I have an ODB2 reading of P0522. Oil was not low and is not low.
  2. Key in accessory position: power works. All seems ok.
  3. On turning the key for a start, I hear slight clicking(a set of several light clicks. I mean a very faint, hard to hear set of clicks .. I guess from directly ahead in the dash..)
  4. ...`I was having the wipers move etc etc..

Here's where I am looking tomorrow..
  • Oil Pressure sensor
  • (there's no 'fusebox' problems), but I will be looking at the relay-switches behind the driver side bumper.
  • idea where else to look at this point.

CNYguy 04-23-2019 07:16 PM

// update for the people who may need it;

I was able to fix the car...and it was NOT the oil sensor. as the reader told me it was p0522..
ODB2 readers have failed me 100% of the time so far with this car. ..and it's agitating.
I rewired the relay switch box found behind the bumper driver side. ..a few wires were corroded.
After that, still no start but the engine would try to turn over instead of tell the wipers to move. SUCH BAD ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING!!!
so I check all sensors I could reach by unplugging them and plugging them back in. I do this again later, with trying to restart with each one removed.
I still had the p0522 problem reported. I was cursing DODGE.
I removed the fuel line from the bar. ..and put it back in place. That actually helped for some stupid reason but it was only part of the situation.
Here's what I assumed;
The car shorted due to the stupid relay switch box corrosion problem. That caused the oil sensor to be flagged by computer... getting to that sensor is a serious ****** PAIN! I was trying to avoid that process especially because the car wouldn't start to drive it onto ramps for easy access. Since the car wouldn't start, it was obvi not the sensor. Stupid stupid stupid stuff. ..poking at chances to win here.
I assumed the sensor had 1 of two problems: 1- gunk *OR* 2- electrical stupidity reset issues.
So I went to handle both in 1 shot...mainly because I don't have a $10k computer to help me find the technical data required..I only have the gimmick ODB2 reader... which feels more like a scam than anything with this Dodge.
So, I tried black magic;
I jacked the car up, and swiftly dropped in the style of roll-off-the-jack ...3 may sound stupid, but it's's very very logical for oil displacement.
After that,,, the fecking car started. THE FECKING CAR STARTED!!!!! ...

Now there is no P0522 error after driving for sometime... and yes I was careful to listen to the engine...etc.
I will never buy another dodge... not only is the ODB2 situation of a 100% failure to provide correct data. .. but that stupid relay switch box and the corrosion of the wiring caused the issue..and the car REFUSED to allow me to fix it with normal measures.
After researching this subject and finding that Mechanics spend hours and sometimes days trying to solve this... I was pissed... it's old and there's no way spending more than the car for someone to fiddle until success would make any sense.
---- So I fiddled..with logic, while imagining that Dodge must hire college grads for bean counting that extra 10k.
I had to do black magic to fix this black magic car.
////////If you try anything in this post, you do so at your own risk.

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