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  1. Performance: Caliber SRT4 Specific
    pics soon!!!
  2. Picture/Media Post
    Nice to meet everyone. good meet up. im looking forward to the next trip. hopefully when its cooler outside! High as a giraffes ***** 1. On the way to meet up with everyone. I was a little late because i got drunk the previous night and had sexual relations with a girl of questionable...
  3. Caliber SRT-4 Discussion
    Pulled out of my driveway and saw red stuff on the ground. Ill put it up on jack stands tomorrow and see what's up. FVCK!
  4. California
    I am gonna be out there by myself tomorrow one of you should come out and and have some drinks with me so im not bored! (hint hint Cuban or Iceman....)
  5. South Western
    Yo guys now that there is more then a couple of us we should meet up and do a cruise/photo shoot/ meet and greet. Im thinking we either meet up at the weekly car show like the first of may (2 fridays away) or like a sunday and do a cruise to somewhere cool. it would be me fastyz400 drhemi...
  6. Picture/Media Post
    got my iphone....snapped some pics.......discuss. :bigthumb: since im broke i havent been able to get a wideband so to fill the hole i put something very positive there for meanwhile. and i wanted to add that yesterday i went grocery shoppin and i was able to...
1-6 of 34 Results