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  1. Performance Discussion
    Anyone have any experience with this iphone/ipod OBD-II monitor? Looks pretty awesome, though think I would prefer a dedicated gauge in my car. Link to the company's site: Image of app: (Sorry if this has already been posted- I did a quick search and...
  2. Audio / Visual Discussion
    I have an REC nav and am looking into the iPod integration. I do not have Sirius (or VES obviously). I know Mopar offered a kit to integrate the iPod, but have since discontinued it. I also know of a product by peripheral, CHYP, but understand it doesn't display the ID3 information on the REC...
  3. How To Forum
    I pulled apart my center console and put an iPod interface cable into the media holder. So here is my first How To thread so bear with me. Pics will be posted tomorrow they are at home and im at work........ ill label them later Step 1: Open console compartment (self explanitory) Step 2...
1-3 of 3 Results