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  1. Audio / Visual Discussion
    hey guys, so i have a kenwood head unit and i tried installing it without any harness. i wired everything correctly and i have power to the stereo but no sound coming out of the speakers. i have an rt with boston acoustics. I know if i get an amp bypass harness i can get the stocks to work, but...
  2. Problems / Dealer Service
    So, I just purchased my dodge caliber approximately....42 hours ago. Anyways we got one of our many heavy rainstorms here in Kansas, and i turn on the rear windshield wipers and they were not moving back and forth like they should be. The blade would make one full cycle than stop about 3/4th the...
  3. Problems / Dealer Service
    Unique Chrysler in Burlington Ontario, Canada Hey has anybody bought their caliber (or anything else) from this dealership, or had their cars serviced here? How did they treat you? I'm seriously considering them, because the guy that I originally talked to at my closest dealer left that dealer...
1-3 of 3 Results