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  1. General Caliber Discussion
    Hey I have a srt4 a ticking started coming from my engine I’m trying to upload a video but I’m not sure how lol it’s my first time. At first I though it was a rattle from the timing chain being stretched but I just replaced it My friend suspected the injectors but it ended up not being it I...
  2. Caliber SRT-4 Discussion
    Hello, I am selling my beloved SRT4 as I am finishing up my boat restoration and need a vehicle that can tow it. It is in excellent interior shape and very good exterior shape. Best of all, it is stock except for the Mopar Stage 1 ECU, and I have the original stock ECU if you want to revert to...
  3. Performance Discussion
    I dont have any questions, just thought it was a good place to blog my experience in hopes it could help someone else. There seems to be little to no knowledge on the internet about the subject except for "dont do it, save and get a srt." but before anyone bashes, just know, sometimes people...
  4. Caliber SRT-4 Discussion
    Dodge caliber srt4 2008 115k km Did anyone had anything like that and maybe know the issue? Thanks in advance! link for the sound below.
  5. General Caliber Discussion
    Has anyone tried to put the 6 speed from an SRT4 into an R/T or base model that has a 5 speed already in it. Will it just bolt up to the engine with out any problems? Sorry if this wasn’t already asked. I couldn’t find anything on it anywhere.
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! New to the forum. I’ve been in love with the Neon SRT4 since I was 15 back in 03. I’ve been an enthusiast ever since, researching everything there is to know and dreaming of owning it one day. I even bought into the hate towards the Caliber SRT4 but as luck would have it I came...
  7. Caliber SRT-4 Discussion
    Does anyone know if the Mitsubishi lancer Evo [2.0 L (1,998 cc) 4B11T Turbo I4] engine and [6-speed twin-clutch transmission (TC-SST)] transmission is compatible with the SRT4 converting it to it all wheel drive SRT4 semi automatic?
1-7 of 7 Results