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  1. Performance Discussion
    I dont have any questions, just thought it was a good place to blog my experience in hopes it could help someone else. There seems to be little to no knowledge on the internet about the subject except for "dont do it, save and get a srt." but before anyone bashes, just know, sometimes people...
  2. General Caliber Discussion
    Hi guys and gals, Just signed up today. Been browsing for a couple of days and it seems there's a real wealth of info on here :bigthumb: Anyway, question about the CVT. When I'm coming to a stop, at around 5kph there seems to be an almost scraping like noise coming from the CVT. It's...
  3. Performance: Caliber SX Specific
    DC Sports put out 2 exhausts for the Caliber one with a straight can (Looks very free flowing) and another with the dual tips. both look nice but i was wondering if anyone has heard them or has installed one. The single can is from the dual tip exhaust is from...
1-3 of 3 Results