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Buckle in, there's allot! Im close to finding a cliff and putting a brick on the gas pedal so Gilbert can take a flying leap! Yes, I named my car Gilbert. Don't judge..
Anyhow.. here's my issue(s)..

After driving my car a good 30 minutes this starts... (when it's cold out, it takes twice as long to start) it starts by lunging forward a few times, stops for a few minutes and does it again. This is while im going 55-60 and it does not lose speed in the process. Then the whining starts and gets louder if I keep driving. If I'm still driving, after about 20 minutes it will drop gears until I can no longer go faster than 40. The engine light comes on in that process. After another 10 minutes or so of driving, the temperature light will come on. If I'm still driving, it will drop out to where I am unable to go even 2 mph. (When it starts doing this, I get my annoyed a$$ to a gas station or car wash. I usually hit the car wash and take my time giving Gilbert the douche a shower. Seems to work faster so I can get back on the road and get to my destination.) On a second note, I don't drive it very much because of this issue. I unfortunately do not have the money for a mechanic to go thru it.
Ive had my codes read several times. The last time it indicated that I needed new o2 sensors, so I replaced both. I also replaced air filter and spark plugs, which were not bad at all but went ahead cause I bought em.
Im about to drain and replace transmission fluid today. It's a sealed unit (was dodge hit with a stupid stick the day they thought that would be a good idea to put in the calibers!!?) Plus doing an oil change and my back brakes today.

A mechanic friend checked out my car a few weeks ago, and his first thought was the catalytic converter. Then he took it for a drive. It took a good half hour of him abusing poor Gilbert for him to throw his tantrum and when he did, it confused my mechanic friend. Yay me... 😐

Here are the codes being thrown after it starts doing all this....
P0218- --bad trans fluid temp sensor. -- damaged or missing front air dam or spoiler. -- broken cooling fan or fan clutch. -- low trans fluid. -- fluid leak from torque converter seal, pan, cooler, etc.. -- trans lines or cooler restricted. -- towing overloaded trailer leading to overheating<-- that one is a no. Never towed anything.
P0700 -- trans control system malfunction. -- faulty trans control module. -- trans valve body fault. -- shift solenoid issues. -- open or short in the wiring harness.
P0776 -- pressure control solenoid b performance or stuck off

ANY suggestions!??!
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