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1000 new employees at Caliber plant!

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Tried to put this in the news section, but for some reason, it won't let me. DCX sent 1000 new employees to work at the Belvedere plant, doubling the plant's capacity! Maybe that means my build date will be moved up! Here's hoping!

A link to the story on autoblog:
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wow, that's pretty impressive!!

And very welcome I'm sure to the idled employees who have been called back.
That's Great news, my Dad worked for a Copper/Brass plant when I was a kid and went through a couple tough layoffs. When he got called back, you'd have thought he won the lottery. Congrats Belvidere!
AWESOME. Good for DC!
I work right outside the plant. We ship the Caliber. Ive only worked 3 weeks this year and Im looking forward to second shift, hopefully Ill be back for good.
i just got a job in the plant i start monday!! ya baby, so from this point on think of me stamping out the body panels(ill be in stamping)!! haha
Sweeet. :D

You go and stamp like there's no goddamn tomorrow!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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