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I have read about some Caliber issues with the lights, but most of them are with a back up or turn light, when it comes to a dashboard, usually it is one of the indicator that is not working - here is a different...
When turning the light on, dash and rear is blinking, and then turniong off.
The front low beam are always on, so no clue if they would blink, but high beam works as well.
TIPM was checked, and I put other one from other working car - the same numbers, reseting by disconecting battery and connectig + with - for some time - it didn't work.
Battery is ok, fully charged.
Front light bulbs connectors were changed in both side, as one side was not connecting firmly - this was done some time ago.
Brake lights works well.

I made a short clip showing what is going on:

If someone have any idea what this can be...please help.

Thank You :) Hubert
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