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Hello to ALL
My name is Michael I live in Northern Ohio,a year ago I bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber from a private owner
on the website OfferUp for a $1000 cosmetic great shape inside was nasty it was this guy wife car she Never
clean it out at ALL.Now to be honest the guy was honest with me as much as he could about the car he's a
young 26 or 27 young man who don't know anything about cars he told his retired father fix car he just never
got around to fixing this car,So any way he first had it on Offerup for $2500 people never came to look at it
so he start reducing the price so I thought I would take a look at it and see what it's about.I met him at a gas
station on the Westside of Cleveland mind you I never drove the car just listen to how it run and seen how
great of a shape it was in for a $1000 so I paid him and got my brother and pick up the car the next day from
his house.I had the car no more than 2 weeks and as i was driving I heard a pop that felt like the driver side
wheel had cave in,there wasn't much I could do at that time so I turn on my flash wasn't far from home
(Thank You Jesus) I jack the car up to look at the problem and I see the Sub Frame had rotted out so not
know if i could fix it myself I look into what could be done,Well Chrysler told me since the warrant was up they
could do nothing for me just see what my local dealership can do for me.Well just for the Sub Frame from the dealer
the parts guy told me when he look it up is $800 well I knew that wasn't going to happen so I look and I look and
I wasn't not going to go to Pullapart and spend all that time in that hot heat taking one off a car,Now let me say this
I know how to work on cars I just NEVER did a Sub Frame before on a car and that took me find a Youtube video to
get a ideal on how to take one off oh by the way the rear of the car Subframe is rotting out also now I just bought it
used off Ebay but it looks brand new for $150 with free shipping I made out have yet to put it on cause now I'm
dealing with this RED Lighting Bolt **** on the dash so the Subframe been put on hold.Any way back to the front subframe
so I am Bless I found a subframe on Amazon for less than a $100 brand new and I order it now mind you this is In the
middle of July 2018 the weather is hot here in Ohio like 90's every day and on my weekends off so I'm not working on
a car In that kind of heat so I start the project in the fall of 2018 and finish the subframe on my Christmas break from work.
See I can work In cold weather just bundle up and I kept my other car running with the heat on to warm my hands and feet
when I got cold any way that is the story of me working on a Dodge and I'm not finish now I got this RED LIGHTING BOLT
on the dash can someone help me out here I just order a new throttle body waiting for it to come today 1/10/2020 to
put it on to see if that will take care of the RED LIGHTING BOLT and then it's on to the rear subframe.:frown::serious:
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