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2008 SRT4 production pushed back yet again

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uhh oh...

Just heard from one of my usually-reliable sources that Caliber SRT4 production is being moved to the first week in November. He wasn't sure yet of the reason behind the additional 6 week delay...
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as i sit here reading this thread im lmao in had a blast in my 350z all weekend..bolted on some new wheels,waited for the brown truck,bolted on some parts ,waited for the white truck,bolted on some more parts ......then had a blast at a few local spots with some sideways antics and one pretty nice top speed run ..blew up one bose subwoofer roasted a set of yokos and glad i didnt wait for dodge.....still curious though im a mopar guy .but very pleased with my decision.theres a few new wrx rolling around town they look like corollas but if you get tired of waiting for an srt8 they maybe an option:D
wait A MINUTE i never said the 350z was the greatest car ever made ...its a damn cool car and fun as hell to drive...but the greatest car ever made is not......that title is held by none other than the 08 dodge viper coupe oh and another thing as far as the ms3 or srt4 smoking a 350z maybe with a profesional driver launching the car .but i think not without some modifications and a sleepy driver in the z seeing both the srt4 and the ms3 race regularly on the street(NOT THat I SUPPORT OR INCLUDE MYSELF IN STREET RACING) AND stock for stock the srt4 has the ms3 byt the 60foot .
ive raced slightly modded srt and havent been beat but won by doors and bumpers because they cant launch
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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