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jdhb said:
The Jeep Compass press release(s) state that the standard CVT2 is a shiftless rubber band drive. The 6 speed shift-o-matic is an option only on the top model. The Jeep is more attractive to me as one can get the 2.4 engine w/5 speed tranny or the CVT w/ or w/o up & down and front wheel drive or 4X4. Interior volume is + 10-20%, back seat room is all ++. The roof is + 4", and the body is 'boxier', and the back window is much larger. Otherwise the otherwise colors, and other inards and options as the same or close to the same. Will check all this out at Philadelphia Auto Show next week. Production follows the Dodge by 1 quarter.
on the R/T with AWD, 2.4 and CVT2 it also has an auto stick. it's not an option at that level
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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