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Hey all... I'm new around here and am hoping to take delivery on my caliber tonight. Here are my plans as far as the stereo goes.

Elemental Design 6.5" components up front (eD(i)6500s)
Elemental Design NiNe.2 on the components (around 150x2)
Elemental Design 19Ov.2 18" subwoofer in a 2.2 sealed box, probably down firing...
Elemental Design NiNe.2x on the sub (600x1) OR an Elemental Design NiNe.1 @ 1ohm running 1200 watts.... really not sure yet.. depends on $$$

and in the past I've always upgraded the HU, but I think this time I'm gonna try out some High end Line Output Converters.

I've got a pretty extensive knowledge of stereos and the such so if anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me!!

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