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Anybody work at Caliber plant (BAP) ??

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Was just wondering if there might be someone on this site that works at the Belvidere Assembly plant where the Calibers will be built. I work directly outside the plant and am currently laid off. I will go back to work shortly after the Caliber is shipped however I have been given no exact date and was hoping someone might be able to give any insight... Thanks in advance !!
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I think there is one member....either him or someone he knows works at the plant.
i think his name is calist
sr4tuner said:
i think his name is calist
Yeah it is.

On a side note heres a link to his thread....
Yea, I did see that hread and actually sent him a PM. I was just curious if there might be some other employees around here with some inside info. Thanks though !!
The question is what do you want to know? It is easier to get answer to questions you know than to ones you don't.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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