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Flipping through the owners manual I found that the park/turn signals are 3157AK. Now my previous Mazda6 had a similar weird designation for just a regular old 3157 bulb. So I went out and bought two twin packs of Sylvania Silverstar 3157A/4157A bulbs, as the blueish tinge when not lit would go great with the Marine Blue.

So I take what I think is the easy route and pop out the taillight first, why couldn't DCX just use standard screws instead of these plastic push pins? I gouged the bottom one up a fair bit in trying to get it loose enough to grip with some needle nose pliers. Anyway, I pull the bulb out of the rear turn signal and guess what I find?

Sylvania 3757

No 3157, no 3157A, no 3157AK, no 3157whatever. 3157 and 3757 have two different bases (Mainly just the tabs off to the side of the base are oppositely offset, rather than the 3157 which are the same on both sides.

Quick search of LXForums and I find the 3757 is a tradition for Chrysler, but in other vehicles that have the 3757 bulb, actually call for it in their manuals. Also from the same forum, it says the tabs can be filed down on the 3157 to fit the 3757 base. I'm going to see if that works.

It's already mentioned in the manual, but the reverse lights are 921s and the license plate lights are 194s (Only mentioned as W5W in the manual).
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