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Caliber Torque control??

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See the team srt post.

Are they saying the computer limits how much torque is available to save the tranny etc.? Is this why its rated at 260 ft lbs and not higher like the HP?

Wouldnt suprise me as massive ecm torque control programs are on the Hemi Ram, Charger, and 300. Those all limit the torque at shift points which is why most owners complain about the soft granny shifts. Since the caliber is a manual they can't limit it that way but they could limit max boost to keep torque below a set amount.

I dont see this as good news at all.
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Well, yes and no -- they mean that the Caliber (like the older NGC cars including the SRT4 Neon) use torque-based control rather than the old-style "give me XXX boost at XXX RPM" type system. Basically, you push the go-pedal to a certain point and the ECU interprets that as you asking for XXX ft-lbs of torque. If you're using crappy gas and you have knock, you'll get more boost to get the torque you're asking for. If you're at altitude and have less backpressure, you'll get a little less boost. It's all torque-based. That also means, they can do all the nifty stuff like likit torque in the lower gears to keep you from wheel-hopping your brains out and/or grenading the trans. I'm sure MOPAR will have stage XXX upgrades to move the reliability/performance balance a bit more towards performance. Besides, exactly how much tyre smoke do you want to make? This thing is still FWD for pete's sake.
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