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Cam sensor problem 08 srt4

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Just got a 2008 Caliber SRT4 the other week. Car has 116000kms. Starts and runs good. In boost if you step on it the exhaust will pop a couple times at 10 psi , if you let off or keep the boost under that it runs perfect.
Getting a couple codes.

PP000B exhaust "b" camshaft position slow response (bank 1)

P0014 camshaft position "b" timing over advanced or system performance bank 1.

I'm assuming the slow response would probably be what is causing the other code.
I think I have read that the intake and exhaust cam sensors are the same, so planned on switching them to see if the code follows the sensor, but haven't had time to mess with anything yet.

Has anyone had these symptoms from a cam sensor?

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