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Ironside said:

The car itself was beautiful, looked really nice on the outside and inside. The Caliber is also very comfortable, and seems to just FIT to the driver (I originally thought the shifter would be in an awkward position, but it is right where you would want it to be).

When you turn this thing on the first thing you notice is how QUIET it is, you almost aren't sure if the car is even ON! The ride is smooth, handles and responds very well.

PROS: Smooth/Quiet ride, responsive handling, cool features (cooler in glovebox, LED Flashlight built into rear dome light, nice design (easy on the eyes, especially in BLACK) lots of storage space (with seats folded down).


I thought the same about the shifter, it is actually comfortable right where it is!

The acceleration I think was just a tad better then Neon 2.0L It doesn't "feel" as fast because it doesn't shift. There was a few times where I though I was going like 10mph and I was doing close to 30, I think that will be the neature of the CVT.

I will probably be getting tickets in one of these!:eek:
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