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Hey everyone, I am new to these forums and this is my first post.

Well, I am happy to say that I have finally driven the almighty Dodge Caliber. Here is a quick review, along with some pictures from the experience.

First off, I went to my local dealership and saw they had just gotten in a Black SXT Sport, so, I went over to the salesperson who sold me my SRT-4 and asked to take it out; she of course, said sure.

The car itself was beautiful, looked really nice on the outside and inside. The Caliber is also very comfortable, and seems to just FIT to the driver (I originally thought the shifter would be in an awkward position, but it is right where you would want it to be).

When you turn this thing on the first thing you notice is how QUIET it is, you almost aren't sure if the car is even ON! The ride is smooth, handles and responds very well.

PROS: Smooth/Quiet ride, responsive handling, cool features (cooler in glovebox, LED Flashlight built into rear dome light, nice design (easy on the eyes, especially in BLACK) lots of storage space (with seats folded down).

CONS: the SXT Sport has little to no acceleration (2.0L engine seemed less powerful than a similar model neon), POOR visibility through rear window, didn't understand why an ALL BLACK car would have a BLUE centre stack and blue accents (seemed out of place, kept on feeling like you were driving a blue car when you weren't)

Other than that, I had no other complaints. The Dodge Caliber is a fun little car to drive and is an excellent value (this one's MSRP was $17,000)

I can't WAIT to get my hands on a Caliber with ALL these great features, but with the added power of a MONSTER engine under the hood.



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