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Closer Look, Caliber SRT front

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Dont know if anyone has really studied the front end on one of the spy shots but i have blow it up and increased its resolution.

As you can see in the pic, they have thrown in a standard autometer boost gauge with Poly tubing.

Even under the front end masking bra you can see how the actual front bumber has angle missguiding paint. Under the Masking you can see that the actual front end has the hardcore bold Dodge cross hairs instead of the standard calibers chrome, plain front grill.

The Camo paint follows through all the way to the bottm even to the added fog lights. On the bottom, we have a large opening, possibly hiding the larger front mount intercooler. If you try to see hard enough you can almost make our some tubes? possibly 6 or more?

Also the is a honeycomb mesh inbetween the crosshairs.

I think as long as they offer the Caliber SRT-4 lowered with little wheel gap it will be a looker. They seem to be doing fine with this Mule anyways.

Discuss :)


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Thanks man! Yeah looks to be a pretty large intercooler and large fog lamps. I hope the grille comes "full bodied" like that with the honeycomb inserts. I wonder what the rear looks like? We just need the hood scoop to be just a little bit wider!;)

Great job!:D
Got thinking... what are those two patches on the hood either side the scoop? Could they be vents??

Sorry for the double post, noticed them after I posed.
I think this has been over looked, if you noticed the standard caliber has its front facia with slit opening horizontally which make their way to the foglamps.

on the SRT front cover it is a gaping hole, possibly for the large FMIC.

Also the large dodge crosshairs are molded in , the regular calibers have a grille that is not prominent. as you can see below:


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I don't know, do you think that they will leave it that exposed? I would think it would get damaged quicker without some sort of small "bumper like" piece in front of it NOT covering more than 5% of the FMIC.

Also I wonder what kind of lights we get? I wonder if the shape changed slightly?
actually i was thinking it'd be a toned-down version of the rallye.. i know there's a pic somewhere of the SRT with the plastic damn near falling off. lol i just gotta find it
damn girl, find it!
NIVO88T said:
damn girl, find it!
I second that! ;)

Ummm, Dodge better not leave us in the dark too long!
Xtreme Thunder said:
Got thinking... what are those two patches on the hood either side the scoop? Could they be vents??
mphmag said:
does this mean that you know something and wont/cant tell us?
viper ripoff i guess
I hope it is vents, I would think they would look cool and be even better if they were functional for something!
LOL!! I guessed right! :D

Thanks for the pic and clarification suzq044!
Hmmmmmmmm, looks ugly with the cover
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