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Custom Grill with PICS!

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Ok nothing too fancy and sorry for the double post but here is my first mod to the car, lol.


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Looks cool! How'd you do it?
Yeah, looks good.
Lol, Pep Boys it's called Custom Chrome cost like 13.00
Easy to do. If you choose to do it here's some advice...
Measure each section on your car first then cut exact pieces.
Real easy to do and looks good.
Thanks for looking.
That looks really sharp! how does it look close up?
For 15 minutes of work...GREAT!
Seriously nobody would tell you did it yourself unless they bent down and were about a foot away and even then it looks good.
Thanks for the replies.
rluna559 said:
That looks really sharp! how does it look close up?
I second the close up! hehe or is it supposed to be +2? :p
I looked at it again and showed others it is definitley great close up. I would not let it look cheap. If it was a little bad I would rip it off.
Not sure what that +2 comment meant???
Ohhhh that's what you did. Looks really good!
Are they like skinny little chrome strips that you stick on?
Yeah they are actually called "Custom Chrome" got it at Pep Boys.
Cool! Hafta get me some of those.. :D
Hmmm, this actually looks cool. Gonna have to see if I can get some of this at Auto Zone or someplace (don't have PepBoys).
Anyone tried this on the no chrome trim grill ? If so, how's it look ? Seems like a cheap alternative for custom look.... Some guys used this stuff on the door edges on their Lincolns...looked like crap but seemed to last for a couple years.
this is the first time on for me, one of the better forums i've seen looking for ideas, awesome look on the grill, I've seen a few others styles and thought about the same idea and will definetly do it now that i see how good it looks.Thanks for the pics
I also did the same mod, thanks to his idea and I love it!


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Never liked that stuff on door trims, but it looks really good on the grill. Nice!
looks good claiberchick! I wonder if I can talk my wife into doing this it looks really good!
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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