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dash bezel and other pieces

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the piece around the a/c radio does that come in black or would you have to paint it yourself
i have a black caliber but that piece is silver :mad:
also what about the the inside door handles ?how hard are they to remove and is there any after market handles like chrome out yet
thanks for any info :cool:
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Seem like you will have to paint the bezels themselves, but maybe the Mopar "Carbonfiber" look will suite your needs? Other than that I see a sand and paint routine happening.;)

Not sure about the door handles though.
cool thanks for the info
I use to have a PT Cruiser. Which I had my dash and other items painted to match the car. The information below is who did the work he does nice work and is really reasonably priced. He does a lot of PT Cruiser stuff, I can't believe he would not do Calibers. I am sure he would like to enter this new market.
Bill Seat
8100 Tall Timber dr
Gainesville VA 20155[/FONT]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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