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i'm in the UK and have a 2008 Caliber (right hand drive, not imported). Car battery died, so i planned on charging it (car's not under cover, so needed to wait for the rain to let up, lest the extension lead get fried). Planned to charge it today, but can't get into the car, the remote locking on 2 fobs doesn't work, tried both keys in the door lock and the latch shoots up but the door won't open (i tried turning the key, then trying the handle and trying the handle at the same time as turning the key and pushing the button while turning the key and while trying the handle - basically every combo with 2 different keys).

Cause i can't get into the car, to do the first hood release, i can't get the hood open. I read online that some Calibers have a "hidden trunk release" but mine doesn't appear to.

Other than calling the breakdown people/locksmith or smashing a window, is there any other options i'm missing please?

Any help appreciated!

Thank You.
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