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Do the new World Engines run E-85 ethanol fuel?

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Seems like all the new motors these days will run E-85, some easier than others.

Anyone know if the new World Engines run E-85 ethanol fuel?
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I don't have a Caliber, so I don't have a work-able VIN number.......... but....... to tell if your car is E85 compatible, look at the 8th VIN number.

From what I've seen for the 4-banger motors in the DCX lineup... if that 8th character is a letter T - then it should be compatible.

I suggest you just wait for "others" (Namely those in DCX Quality Control) to test the E85 before you take the risk though. DCX should release a press release about this stuff soon once they see how the motor holds up in real-world conditions with E85.

As always, I guess you could check the owners manual ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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