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i went to the dealer to verify, that the single-disc-radio would play mp3 - no it does not. but entering the dealers lot he welcommed me and put a broad grin on his face. he showed me to a car and told me, that that car will be mine... MINE! they just got it that morning.... then he told me, that there was a failure in the ordering process... they put a chrome-grill on mine... and that is not the usually delivered version for europe. he managed to smile nearly from one ear to the other one and asked, "but that does not disturb you, right?".

hell... the car looks good. it is there... and no, chrome on the grill looks so much better then the car-color-painted one.

do you know what is even worth than waiting for month, when you ordered a car, you would have to wait for.
you ordered a car, that they promised to deliver 20 days later and it is there 10 days early but you can not get it, because its usage-certificate is not yet there. darn.:rolleyes: thats so much worse
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