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I have a 2009 Dodge Caliber that my daughter bought used from a private party. We knew it had been wrecked before, but were not aware that the engine had been replaced. I have no idea how the seller was able to prevent this from showing up during the test drive, but a few days after the purchase the ECM started causing all kinds of issues (not starting, headlights inoperable, wipers inoperable, dash panel intermittent, etc.). After looking under the hood and looking closer, I do not believe that the car has the same size engine as it originally did (There is some heat shielding behind the engine that looks as though it were shaped to conform around a larger engine).
I have taken out the car battery and shorted the cables together a few times in an effort to 'reset' the ECM. This always seems to make the bulk of the problems go away, but they all come back - sometimes days later, other times in just minutes.
This Frankenstein Caliber has been the bane of my daughter's existence, and I feel somewhat responsible (I didn't like it when she got it, but I keep my mouth shut and should have protested more instead of letting her make the decision). I know that 95% of the problems she is experiencing will go away if I can get a new ECM for the current engine/car combo, but how can I know which ECM I need if I dont know what combination of engine/car I have?
I have visited a few shops online and they say I need the VIN number for the car that donated the new engine but since it was done before we got the car, that isn't an option.
Is there another way to find out which ECM we now need? Perhaps a serial number on the engine that can be traced, or something else?
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