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Hi guys. I just discovered and joined this forum after twelve years.

Wanted to say hi and hope that everyone is staying safe in the pandemic.

My factory sat nav just crapped on me — it was on the fritz because the screen refused to turn on for a while but it finally just totally stopped working. (My trim is blue and a bit cracked — doesn't matter too much but if someone is selling theirs I would be happy to buy it).

I want to take this opportunity to switch it out completely for an android or Kenwood.

I've looked through the forum and have some instructions earmarked; I wanted to ask whether some my potential setup would be compatible. I apologize if some of the threads got away from me but any help is appreciated. I'm completely new to this and this will be my first project.

The back of the RecNav online seems to lack some of the wires needed for plug-and-play but again, I am so new. The install guide (page 12) for the Calibre SXT is not all that clear.

Anyway, I'm leaning towards this A6 Atoto because of the price.

But this Kenwood DDX8906S also caught my eye, the only thing turning me off is the price at $699+. Are either of these setups just plug and play with the Caliber's wiring setup or do I need any extra peripherals to install them?

Would I need the another harness (SCORSCHE CR1289B) for the satnav dock or can I outfit it normally?

I will provide pics and will definitely update as I progress here.

Stay cool, guys.
a 2008 SXT owner.
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