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so i just called up wellington motors and found out that the build date of my caliber is the 13TH OF APRIL!!!! whoooohhoooooooo!! finally a step closer!!

does anyone know how long it usually takes to go from build date to me driving off in the sunset? i understand my .50CAL might have that qc thing done on it, but on avg? any guesses? shall we start a pool?:D:eek:
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I ordered mine march 1 and the dealer told me they will get it on the 13 of april
Let us know if you mount a .30 cal to the roof ;)
holeydonut said:
Let us know if you mount a .30 cal to the roof ;)
Or a .50cal BMG:D
actualy i just called today and they said at the number provided in the dodge info centre's sig, that my .50CAL was at the gate... whatever that means... i assume it means that either it's just about to be built, or on it's way out from being built...
No, it has been chained to a gate and is about to be "taken care of" by DCx's resident firing squad...:D:D

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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