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Flamed Caliber (PS Request)

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Hi guys,

I will be receiving my Caliber in a week or two approximately..
And I was watching TV and saw a rerun of a Pimp My Ride episode and fell in love with a design..

I will have a Sunburst Orange Caliber.. And would LOVE to see the bottom of my Caliber Silver like that 4Runner with [insert neat color here] flames like we see.. I'm not THAT good in Photoshoping, so if someone could make something cool.. Hop on!! :)

I tried.. ;)

Here is the original side pic of the Caliber (

If you guys or someone can try and make black flames (or any other sweet ass color) between the Silver and Orange would be REALLY nice.. I have some friends who could make this for me at a cheap price.. And I would be REALLY interested in pimp'n it like that.. :)
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IMO, don't do the flames unless it's an SRT4, you have a full-on kit, have some sweet rims, drop and bag it, do a projector head light retrofit, and convert the music-gate system to a full on 48 inch HDTV equipped 600w boombox :p
lol.. Yeh.. I know..
But it's still nice to dream about it heh? ;)
lol; so basically my 20-caliber chop ... [except the flames]
Could you post a link for Xordok please Suz? :D
lol; you should be seeing it in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine soon ;)
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Holy. Shit! Wow suz..:D:D
suzq044 said:
lol; you should be seeing it in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine soon ;)
THE GIRL HAS SKILZZZZZZZ!!! Nice render and stuff Suzq044!

crit: I think the cartridge likeness on the wheel spokes looks a bit out of character... design-wise. I was expecting a single bullet-like cone shape protruding from the center of the hub.

Excellent work! Are you a graphic/art student or do graphic work professionally?
Suz, you tricked-out the back doors too. OUTSTANDING! Dodge is MISSING OUT!

Whoa, I just noticed the suicides...:D
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