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? for those who received their VON in the past 2 weeks

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We ordered our R/T 2 weeks ago tonight & haven't heard anything yet. We were told it may be a few weeks, but want to get an idea...., I'm interested in finding out about how long the current wait is between order date & receiving the VON. My guess is that R/T's may be a longer wait than SE & SXT models.

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I ordered my car on 4/29. I called and got a VIN on 5/8 but my dealer didn't tell me I got a VIN until this past Saturday 5/13. I don't have a build day yet.
I did not get a VIN until about 2.5 weeks after I ordered it.

I ordered on 4/19 and got a VON and VIN on 5/4.

I still do not have a build date.
I ordered 4/14, Got my vin in about a week. No build date yet.. Still in D1 according to the dealer...

Dealers says to expect it around 8 weeks from order... I hope its sooner...:rolleyes:
Ordered my 2 1/2 weeks ago. No VIN yet.
I ordered on 5/12 and the VON is on my order/build sheet from the dealer. BX - passed edit available for schedule as of today. No VIN yet.
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