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Benfolio @ said:
Here's the skinny:

1.8L, 2.0L (diesel), and 2.4L (both N/A AND Turbo) engines listed, all with Dual VVT.

CVT, NVG T355 5-speed, and Getrag/Aisin DM76 6 speed transmissions listed.

No section for 2.4L Turbo... yet.

Rear Differential section listed, differential internals are NOT serviceable.

ABS optional.

Water pump is external, serpentine belt driven on all engines.

On Calibers WITH A/C the CVT's trans cooler is part of the condenser.

In the "body sensors" section, there's a profile drawing of a 2000-2001 Neon that I've never seen before. :lol: Alot of old Neon pictures are showing up all over the catalog....

Say goodbye to NGC (Next Generation Controller), say hello to GPEC (Generic Powertrain Engine Controller)

Dash cluster bulbs are actually LEDs.

6X9's in each door.

4" (?) tweeters in dash optional(?).

Amplified subwoofer mounted in the right rear cargo area optional.

Twin subwoofers mounted in liftgate optional?!?!?!!? WTF?!?!? Looks to be a part of the 6 speaker Infinity system.... But there are 6X9's in each door listed, 2 tweeters in the dash, and now these 2 in the liftgate.... Hmmmmmmmm

AWD shown ONLY with the 2.4L N/A motor... so far.


CVT and 6-speed have no serviceable internal parts listed.

Steel wheels with 2 different covers available.

Heater ducts under the front seats for rear passenger's feet (finally!).

No SRT-4 badging shown, yet. SXT and R/T badges on right rear of liftgate only.

There's an ACTUAL DEAD-PEDAL (footrest)!

Fold Flat front passenger seat optional.

Heated seats optional.

STILL no power seat option. :x

That's about all the interesting stuff I can find in the catalog, alot of everything is listed by sales codes, and even then the sales codes don't quite match the engine codes. Hopefully someone finds this interesting :wink:
so the 2.4L is both non turbo & turbo.. SXT & RT badging only so far. Six-speed manual transmission; with dual VVT

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The neons out front were gone the week of final production, also the big @$$ "home of the neon" sign on the admin. building. there are some changes inside you could say. I go back next Mon. Ill see what I see.

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well was at plant today there are still 10 neons on the ground there ready to ship and only about 1 to 4 calibers a day going out of plant to be shiped for crash testing. Thats all I know at this point in time. I drove a pilot and it drove o.k. but motor wasn't to snappy I talked to a guy I work with that is driving them now and he says the one's out of the plant are alot snapper than the pilots were at least I hope so.
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