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I'm just reposting this because it was buried in another thread and I thought it was deserving of its own thread as it could help many people who didn't know (like me)...I didn't post it, just reposting a quote, so kudos to them...

Re: SXT with little under 400 miles..STALLING.
Originally Posted by Dale Seeley
Okay... here is everyone's opportunity to call me a dumbass...:D

Get in the car, shut the door.
Put the key in the ignition.
Turn the key to the RUN position (not start)
Turn it to the OFF position
Turn it to the RUN position
Turn it to the OFF position
Turn it to the Run position
Stop playing with the key and watch the odometer for "P" codes to be displayed, followed by "done"

The timing on the key turning is important. Not as fast as you can do it, a "Off to Run to Off" cycle should take just a touch more than a second (one-thousand-one)

This should display any codes stored. Unfortunately, I haven't tested this in a Caliber, so I could be wrong...
MOD1to Dale's statement
Turn key to ACC position and then begin the process as indicated above, substituting ACC position for previously stated "OFF position"

The Caliber has this code-viewing function as Dale has described. If you're like me, your vehicle doesn't have any registered codes.

...and all that I got was a series of dashes...

...followed by the "DONE" readout.

Thanks Dale.

People often know what must be done.
All you need to do is show them the way.
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