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BEFORE any of you ask why we are putting up a first gen Neon shirt in a Caliber section heres the answer:
1) A lot of Caliber fans are previous fans
2) We're putting some of our older shirts on sale so that we can bring out new shirts (like a new CALIBER SRT4 SHIRT!)

Making room for new designs means the old ones must go! The gray color Grocery Getter shirt is on sale for $7.99! All sizes still available for this shirt!
This is probably the only shirt in the world to feature a first gen sedan on it so if happen to be driving one, this shirt had better be a part of your wardrobe. Great grey color won’t get dirty too quickly working on your rear doors!

Shipping is $3 by US Postal mail service so you can get one of these shirts delivered to your door CHEAP!
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