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Groupon has a half price deal for Brainerd International Raceway. Only $142!

The deal is good for the rest of the weekend, and once you purchase it, you have 3 months to use it. I'm thinking about going, but I think it would be great to get a couple of SRT-4's to go as well. It looks to be around a 2 hour drive north of the Twin Cities.

They have 5 more dates available.
Aug 23, 30
Sept 20, 27
Oct 4

... you get instruction from expert drivers and a full day of racing your own car (a $283.95 value) at BIR Performance Driving School in Brainerd. There are no restrictions on vehicles, but drivers can only drive cars they own and must be at least 18 years of age.....

BIR Performance Driving School gives drivers a chance to zip their personal vehicles around a professional racetrack with lead-foot impunity. During Performance Driving School, experienced instructors give customers a crash course in not crashing, complete with driving techniques and safety information, and then ride along for a quick tour to give drivers a feel for the track. When the training is over, racers can enjoy unlimited laps around the course without once hearing the bitter song of the law’s dreaded siren. The racing package includes all the necessary gear—a driving suit, gloves, and helmet—for overtaking Dale Earnhardt’s ghost car, which has haunted the track since 1965. Drivers also have the option of upgrading to get behind the joystick of one of BIR Performance Driving School’s Spec Ford racecars ($295 for a 25-minute session). A 15% discount will apply if customers choose to upgrade.
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