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Has anyone driven the 5-Speed?

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I've ordered my SXT 5-Speed but am curious to see if anyone out there has driven the manual Caliber.
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Not that I know of, I think the 5-Speeds are late-availibility?
Heya Canoenut,

I asked the same question to my dealer and his response was that the build start date for the 5-speed was April 3 according to the notes of build production. He had also mentioned that he had ordered a few and was still waiting for the cars to recieve their build dates as well.

So far I have seen only 2 pics for the interior of the 5 speed, one that was on the Allpar site which was a spy photo taken a while back which had a simple chrome shifter topped by the "white ball" shifter which looked like PT Cruiser part( the other that I saw was a shot of the interior of the SRT4 I believe which was given a shifter that looked like the automatic handle with a leather boot that covered the rest of the shifter base.(

I had spoken to a salesman that said he had done the Caliber sales training and he said that the 5-speed models that they had to try were "pre-production" models.

So far in the Montreal area every car from SE stripper model to R/T full load that I've seen has been CVT2.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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