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OK I have three dealerships near me. The other day I went to the furthest one away and these people had "no information" about the Caliber. I am like WTF it is going to be on their lot in like 3 weeks.

That same day I went to the second closest on my way back and the only brochure they had was the single panflet that had the picture of the concept on it. I got talking and he said they don't know much about them and told him that an SRT-4 version just debuted at Chicago and he said that I must have been mistaken for the SXT version of it:rolleyes: I was like no, and this salesman, nice guy and all, had no information. I know moew about this car than that guy did. I felt like telling him about the site here, or just even LOG ON THE DODOGE WEBSITE! You think they would be more prepared and both were "Five Star" dealers, well at least the one that is closest to me know something about it, they knew there was an SRT-4 version and told me pretty much the exact date for release on the SE,SXT and R/T models and they are employee owned and not even "Five Star" (not like that means anything in my book)

Sorry for the rant....I feel good now because I know more about this vehicle then they know!:D:);):cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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