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Hi and thank you for any and all help with my issue. Car was running fine just had 1 error codeP0420 not an issue well I all sudden was leaking coolant discovered it was coming from passenger side of radiator where the gasket is pressed in. So ordered a new radiator put it in no more leaks. But now I have an issue with the CVT in auto mode shifts fine up to 60MPH then the rpms keep going up with Excelleration and power loss. in autostick shifts fine up to 5-6 gear starts to show signs of power loss when try and shift past 6th gear to D the rpms keep going up and never shifts to gear so shift it back to 6th rpms go to 2800 but can barely maintain a 65 -70 mph have no boost if I down shift to 5th then back up to 6th then into The D like it use to have and losses speed up any uphill climb. so has no power to speed up to change lanes or pass or quickly do anything it probably would run fine for regular street driving in autostick to the 6th gear and not shifting into D. So any tips as to why this started happening all of a sudden. And a step by step way to troubleshoot the exact problem and cheapest ways ie.. is it a relay or module vacuum leak? if so where's the component located? Thanks for any and all help my job is 17miles one way and a 2- 1/2 hr bus ride each way added to my already long work schedule which is a lot of 7 day 60 plus hr weeks.
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