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come get some Caliber SRT4 presents anyone would love!!!!

* cp-e exhausts: 2 systems in stock regular price $650 shipped / Sale Price $550 shipped (lowest price ever!!!!!)

* Realtune grounding kits - regular price $75 shipped / Sale price for smoke color kits (2 in stock) $60 shipped
$70 shipped for custom colors

* South Bend stage 3 clutch kit $875 shipped

* Phantom Grip LSD kit regular price $349.99 / Sale price $290 shipped

all parts are on sale right now

PM me your Santa wish list for great prices no matter what you are looking for

CF hoods & wings
RTS1 & RTS2 kits
AEM products
check valves
suspension parts (rear sway bars, camber arms, sway bar links, subframe braces, etc)
Road Magnet lowering springs
Realtune drag brake kits
Realtune prepped FIC's
Big turbo kits from AGP
JMB parts 4" intakes, radiator pipe kits, coil covers, FMIC's, etc etc
fully built CSRT4 motors
(now that's a great gift!)

fuel injectors 525cc, 550cc, 635cc, 700cc, 900+cc!!!!!
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