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Hey guys, I need a quick favor from someone who has a service manual for the SRT-4's. I was lucky enough to get my dealership to replace my cracked foglight last Saturday, but in the process, the POS tech broke my foglight bezel/air duct intake. They are obviously going to replace it, but after actually looking at the piece, I don't know how they could have broke it.
So, what I was looking for is for someone who has a manual to look up or post up how the techs are told to replace a foglight lens per the service manual. I am trying to figure out how this guy could have broken it the way that he did. If I can find out what the service manual says, then I might have some more leverage when I explain how ridiculous it that the tech broke this.
At this point I wish I would have just paid the $36 and replaced the lens myself. It would have saved me another 30 mile trip to the dealer, having to drive around with a flapping bezel, and having to take off of work to have another dip**** dirty up my car.
Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me out...
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