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and about 80% of the responders say they like the styling of the caliber, it also seems to be 'selling' a lot based on AWD & diesel availability..

I wouldn't call the new face of Chrysler Eurocrap, I think it's all-American. It's overused by DCX, but in a small form like on the Caliber it looks fairly good to me. A lot better choice than the Dodge Neon for looks.
A 2.0 Turbodiesel with 140 hp, gobs of torque, coupled to an AWD system and delivering 40 mpg highway with hatchback versatility? From a domestic make? As long as the styling doesn't turn out hideous, I think it could do very well. I'd be interested in one if they offer AWD with the Diesel and CVT.
I will overlook some of the styling on the Caliber to get the TDI.
The Caliber looks like Chrysler's next big success. The styling maybe aggressive, however Chrysler is trying to inject some style into this segment, they want their car to be noticed due to it's styling. No Corolla, Civic, Focus ever looked that good.
Dodges are known for bold styling and powerful engines, and the Caliber is going to be no exception.

As for the interior,it's bland but functional. Maybe some chrome or aluminum accents here and there would spruce up the cabin.
I am interested in Dodges Caliber because it is not Neon Based.The things I will look at are fuel economy and reliability. I think the Hatchback a plus. You get maximum utility out of the car with out being as tall as a refrigerator
I think an AWD SRT-4 with 250+ HP would be awesome. I'm currently on my second Explorer. I'd love to get into a smaller vehicle, but keep some utility. That's why I think my next vehicle will be some type of wagon/hatchback.

I like the looks of the Caliber. Hopefully, they can get better fuel economy out of the turbo 4. My parents have a PT Cruiser GT with the turbo. That thing doesn't get much better mileage than my V8 Explorer. Not to mention, my Explorer can turn on a dime. You need to do a 10 point turn to pull the same turn in the PT.

I'd love the AWD SRT-4 with navigation, Sirius radio and every other goodie out there.
it definitely seems more like than dislike, depending on the options :D
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