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I've found that the remote that comes with the Caliber seems like the easiest one I've ever handled to accidentally activate either the "lock" or "unlock" buttons just from normal handling.

At least once a week on the average, I've realized that just gripping the remote - and ESPECIALLY handling it as I insert it in the ignition switch - had pressed on one of the lock/unlock buttons.

Thus, I do the same as several other folks have already suggested - I ALWAYS keep a door open and/or have a window partially open (weather providing and as long as I'm staying right with the car, usually while loading something prior to entering the driver's door), and I maintain a spare key (as addressed in a few previous threads here) in my wallet.

I very frequently load gear, briefcases, etc in my Caliber in another door or the hatch first - so this is always a primary concern for me.

I've probably prevented dozens of lockouts by using these precautions and ALWAYS double-checking that the doors didn't accidentally lock with the remote before closing any doors and prior to actually sitting in the driver's seat.
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