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Lucky Day

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Today DCX announced that the 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 will be sold in Europe, too.
Now tell me where to sign the check! :cool:
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Down on the bottom right, just be sure to make it out to me.
Very awesome!

I'm glad they're sharing the wealth! lol
For a better understanding: DCX refused to sell the Neon SRT-4 in Europe. That was very disappointing. And as yet there was no hint whether they´ll sell the Caliber SRT-4 or not.
Now I´m glad to hear they will sell and I can assure you, as long as they don´t crazy with the price, I´ll be one of the first Krauts jumping to the dealer to get one.
What the hell?! Why didn't they sell the original SRT in Europe? Maybe because they knew it was only gonna last a few years and to test the waters..?

Glad to hear that they're jumping the puddle..:D
Didn't Dodge just recently go under it's own namebrand in Europe? That would be one reason the Neon SRT-4 never sold in Europe. It was bad enough that I had to put up with Chrysler Viper when I was overseas. :)
Exactly! Neon and Viper were labeled as "Chrysler". The Viper SRT-10 is the 1st Dodge in Europe, and on June 10 the Dodge Caliber will follow.
P.S. We also have had a "Chrysler Stratus" with the cross hair fascia but Chrysler-badge.
So they did sell the cloud car overseas. Kick ass. I love those cars. My parents have a V6 AutoStick. That thing is soo much fun.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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