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MSN Carpoint review

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Among other things here, it says that the Caliber R/T will come in FWD configuration later in the year.

That's good news, they may have a decent performance model other than the SRT-4, and hopefully it will be cheaper w/o the AWD.
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A good review. You're not going to change the minds of the Neon crowd but something like that will definatly bring in consumers. Now that my Tour video is on Google, there's even more presence for the car.

Looks like Dodge has made a good choice. :)
Good, thats the second person that said R/T FWD late availability. Although, seems that I could have used AWD today, darn snow, but there are more nice days then snow ones so FWD is for me.
I still say gimme RWD...loved it on my Ram, would love it on the Caliber
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