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New Custom Chop.. show-style.. i finished it for now.

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Nice chop...awesome details.

now do a 44 caliber, because 22 is kinda wimpy. you could put superswampers on it. it is AWD you know.:p
wow i love the first one.

Can you Photoshop one with eyelids and a fmic and maybe do a side shot with a nice drop, tints and 19" wheels.

Something for the everyday drive. I need some ideas.
I like "A". sweet , nice chop!
Great quality work on that chop. it's my new wallpaper, thanks.
can you make one in white and another in black with silver bullet
graphics? maybe with shaved doors.
.. that'd be really hard to do starting with what i've already done.. changing colors is easy in itself.. but i dont have em in dif. layers NEmore.. sowwy..
here's a pic of a chop i just did. it's amateur quality but gets the idea across.
i'm sure you can improve it. the wheels are DeCorsa Oracle
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not bad, but i'm not one for rubber-band tires. [you eliminate wheelgap and voila! car looks much betterer]
you managed to ruin the quality of the original picture too...
heh youre still better than me anyway
I am currently working on one...may take me awhile though, I dunno what color I want to work with, the orange or just change it all together.

All looking great!
that jacked up version is crazy!
i won the contest, it'll be in Performance Auto & Sound magazine in March :D
suzq044 said:
i won the contest, it'll be in Performance Auto & Sound magazine in March :D
Thats Awesome...Congrats! :D:):cool:
Man dude that first pic is sweet, good job
1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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