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New member here!!!

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Hi all. some of you may know my s/n from the srtforums site. ive been with the caliber from day 1. its a very nice looking car/suv. i love the srt version though. i wish they would make a special edition awd. i own a 2005 black srt-4 myself and love it. there is nothing like stepping on the gas and being thrown back into the seat. i figured i would jump on this site before it gets to big lol. never know i may be driving around in a caliber one day but for right now ill enjoy my "neon". hope to talk to you all in the future. :D
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Welcome. I considered an SRT4 a year or so ago, was just outta my budget. The next gen SRT4 is definately gonna be in my budget this time around :)
Welcome to Caliberforums! Enjoy your stay here!
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