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My name is Dawoud and I'm from Netherlands ( europe )
I just got another one CSRT4 after 5 years. The car is oem. Nothing change yet.

I also had a CSRT4 earlier in year 2012 to 2014. With MS1K ECU
but there went the bearings of broken and chain which stretched.
I was very unlucky because at that time bearings were no longer available.
I had difficulty calling around the whole of US and final I bought bearings and sold the car out of fear that it might break again.

so from now on I will pick it up again
and I think I will start with BC coilovers , black headlights, MS1K , AGP Oil , Greddy or HKS Blow off valve ?
hope only that realtune e-mail me back, because I have no response from them yet.:frown:
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