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Newbie here with some questions

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I currently own an 03 Neon R/T that I converted the body into an SRT by buying parts from various forum classifieds.

I will most likely buy a Caliber SRT. I would like to know an estimate on the price. Anyone know?

To me the Compass is more impressive. It would be nice to see an SRT made with Jeep styling.

I work for Chrysler in Sterling Heights Michigan. I work on the assembly line. Currently I build the Status/Sebring sedans and the Sebring convertible. The production will end this year and you will see something new. The Convertible will remain with some nice changes and the Sedans will go away for new models. I am not authorized to give out details so please dont ask. You will most likely find spy shots out there somewhere.

If anyone could tell me about price I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
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Est on the price for the SRT is around the outgoing SRT-4. My guess is look for a base price of 22k 23k but that is my guess.
No one really know the price on the SRT-4 version, like Fuzz 40 said, look to START at around 22-23K
I am going to take a stab at it and say base price 22-23K but if they add will probably be more around 27-28K.

Just my guess.
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