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I recently stumbled into this group, and I'm probably the oldest guy here: I'm 56. But I really like the design of this car. It is very close to the Dodge Spirit circa 1989 to 1995. But the hatchback design is more useful.

Things I like:

1. Seems the "H" point of the front seat is relatively high. Makes it easier to get into and out of.

2. Hatchback useful for carrying stuff and Dogs.

3. I-Pod interface and holder.

4. Standard safety equipment, e.g side curtain airbags.

5. Good Audio system.

6. Affordable.

What do you think? I think I'll buy one.:rolleyes:

Any other Old Guys here?:eek:

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Hello and Welcome to the forums! We are all learning about this vehicle as well. There is one member that I know of (Silverfox) that is driving one around and has already made a short video clip of it. I started out not liking the design, and then poof, I love it and can't wait to drive one too! I am sure in due time the age group will spread out and you won't be the only one.;)
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