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No one likes Solar Yellow???

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Hmmmmmmm...... I've seen all of the colours now, and I have to say that the Solar Yellow Sport is my favorite.

I own a bright red Suzuki Aerio right now, and I love how it makes me feel when I walk out to it each day. It kind of lifts my spirits a bit.

I'm just wondering... is Solar Yellow special order because the general public does not like yellow cars?

Are the Caliber forum users the same?

Just wondering...
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I like the Solar Yellow color! I just want to see it in person though. There is a member or two on here that has a Solar Yellow Caliber, let me see if I can find the member name....

[Edit]: The Solar Yellow Caliber is owned by mr_badda_bing, that is the only one that I know of. Here is his thread
I saw one of those solar yellow ones a week ago at a dealer. I really don't like the color. It's just way too bright of a yellow.
i love solar yellow! chrysler's solar yellow its the same as on jeep wranglers, old dodge dakotas, and the 2ed gen neons... and its way.. better then ford or GM's yellow... it also looks good with the black trim on the roofline imo.
thefishguy said:
old dodge dakotas
The 2006 MY Dakota is available in Solar Yellow, as well.
I think yellow does an awesome job in showing off a new car's lines - I just think it's so obnoxious that 99.99% of consumers will pass on that color.

Mazda, Honda, Scion, VW, etc all have used a bright yellow to just draw attention to prototypes - and maybe set the tone for the car after it launches. The goal is to let people visualize the car as being a super-hip badass ride that's trendy. Most of the time, you'll have to special order your yellow car, or you'll find that it gets discontinued halfway through the model lifespan. Mazda cancelled their version of Solar Yellow for their Mazda3 after the first model year.

But, in my opinion, the best looking yellow car ever was the '70 Cuda in Yellow :)

These all pale in comparison to:

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^i dont know what color that gti is, but it aint yellow.

i dislike the yellow caliber because loud colors like yellow are attention getters. i always feel that unless your car has the attitude to back it up, it looks bad.
i.e. yellow scion xB -> nasty
yellow 911 -> lovely
Funny you should mention the AAR... We have one downstairs that was factory Key Lime Sublime (black right now, we're working on it). Really fun car. Ours pushes somewhere around 400hp I think...
Like I said before, I painted my 34 dodge '67 'Vette yellow......bugs fornicate on yellow and leave their little dirty brown spots...........guess they think its a big flower or something, I like the colour but wouldn't own another yellow vehicle.......a whole new meaning to bug splats.....
Haha..I think it looks pretty cool, bugs'd be a problem though..:D
Makes for something to do at a red light....i mean...bugs doin' it on a Cali!!! If anyone can get a picture of that for the Dodge Magazine that would be funny as hell!! P.S.- I like the solar yellow, but i like the Sunburst Orange that's what my Cali will be!!
I really didn't need that mental image...

Oh, I prefer Marine Blue, if not Electric. :D
that AAR should be "citrus yellow" - although I guess there is a hint of green in the color. Hey, i'm somewhat colorblind in that particular shade. The VW I posted is actually the Orange version of the "Speed Golf prototype" - can't find a yellow Golf; just part of one.

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I've seen a couple yellow ones at dealers, and it looks pretty good. The only problem I have with the colour (and orange) is that I may get tired of it after a while. Yellow was one of those colours that took me some time to warm up to on cars. When I saw Marine Blue with the chrome accents and the red tail lights, I loved it instantly!
I love the solar yellow, so much so that I bought my caliber in solar yellow. Let me tell ya it does get noticed, and at least noone on the road can say they didn't see you coming ;).
Love both of thsoe cars and especially that Golf in Lamborghini Orange and Yellow.

holeydonut said:
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Yeah, the Golfs are clean..:cool:
Aren't the States getting the Polo too??

Edit:: Better Sinan??!! LOL
Dunno about that, it's the Golf's lil bro right?

BTW: (Aren't the States...)
caliber4whoosh said:
Dunno about that, it's the Golf's lil bro right?

BTW: (Aren't the States...)
Yeah it is the Golf's little brother or sister!;):D
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