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Welcome to your official Photo of the Month Contest...
Get creative and have FUN!!


  • Deadline for entries: 5 days prior to month-end by 12am Eastern Time

  • Voting starts on: 1 day after the deadline

  • Winner declared on: 1st of the following month

  • Following Month's contest and Theme posted: on or before the 5th of the month

Contest Rules:
1. Posts in the Entry thread will be limited to entries ONLY.

2. Each photo must be taken by the member entering it and include the member's car. Editing is allowed only to make the photo more viewable (contrast, sharpen, re-size) or to blur license plate if desired. If it is determined that editing outside of these exceptions was done, the contestant will be disqualified from that month's contest and will not be eligible to participate the following month.

3.The maximum size permitted for the longest border is 800 pixels. Those photos that do not conform will be disqualified.

4. One entry per person per contest - One win per 6-month period. Duplicate entries will void ALL entries. If you wish to change your entry, you must edit your original post and replace the photo there -The time/date stamp of the 'post edited' message will verify the change took place before the deadline. Past winners may enter each month in the 'discussion' thread as a participant, but only eligible entries will be considered for final voting.

5. A maximum of 15 entrants per contest - First come first served.

1. Voting will take place in a voting thread. Comments in the voting thread will be prohibited to keep things clean
2. This contest is for ALL Caliber models and trim levels, modded and stock. Voting should be based how well the contestant executed the month's photo theme.
3. In the case of a tie, the photos that tie will be voted on again in a one-day vote-off. In case of a 2nd tie, the staff will declare dual winners.

1. The winner will be proudly featured on the front page for the remainder of the month and will have the honor of choosing the theme for the following month

2. A thread with suggestions for themes will be stickied for member's idea contributions. The winner can reference that thread if they cannot come up with a theme idea, or may ask the forum for theme suggestions by creating a new thread, keeping the deadline in mind.

3. The initial theme will be chosen by members submitting themes. After 1 day, or when 15 themes are posted, members will vote for the first theme.

4.There will be a forum with the past archived winners. This will be done for multiple reasons
- It will allow the staff to track who wins over time
- It will allow winners to see past themes so we don't get too many duplicate themes over time
- It will reward the winners for winning!
- This forum will contain a sticky thread that lists all winners in one place for convenient quick reference

NOTE: Staff reserves the right to modify/cancel the contest rules or format for any reason. Changes will only occur between contests, not in the middle of a contest.
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